In a significant outreach endeavor, the Zakah and Waqf Foundation Gombe conducted a Zakah distribution event on April 19, 2023, targeting diverse segments of the community. The foundation’s commitment to social welfare was evident as Zakah, a form of charitable giving in Islam, was disbursed to various groups, including the less privileged, Islamiyya teachers, media bloggers, and individuals with disabilities.

Distinguished Attendees: The event garnered prominence with the presence of esteemed individuals, including Ameer Abdullahi Abubakar Lamido, the foundation chairman, Dr. Dawud Muhammad, Dr. Yagi, Ambassador Yarima Abdullahi, and Dr. Yusuf M Abdullahi, MD of the Medical Centre Gombe. The attendance of these respected figures underscored the collective commitment to the foundation’s mission and highlighted the collaborative effort to uplift the community.

Impact and Social Inclusivity: The Zakah distribution not only provided financial support to those in need but also emphasized the foundation’s dedication to inclusivity. By considering the unique circumstances of Islamiyya teachers, media bloggers, and individuals with disabilities, the foundation contributes to fostering a more equitable society where diverse needs are recognized and addressed.

Continued Commitment to Social Responsibility: The Zakah and Waqf Foundation Gombe, through its Zakah distribution initiatives, continues to play a vital role in enhancing the well-being of the community. This event echoes the foundation’s ongoing dedication to fulfilling its Islamic principles while adapting to the evolving needs of a diverse society.

 As the foundation remains steadfast in its commitment to social responsibility, the Zakah distribution event on April 19, 2023, stands as a testament to the positive impact that thoughtful and inclusive philanthropy can have on the lives of individuals and the community at large.