What We Do?

Promoting Philanthropy…Empowering People

Startup Capital

We provide capital to the poor and the less privileged to enable them start a business for their self-sustenance.

Drinking Water

We provide safe drinking water to areas lacking them by sinking boreholes and hand-dug wells.

Skills Acquisition

We train the poor and the less privileged with skills that make them relevant in today's world.

Medical Assistance

We provide medical assistance in form of outreach.


We provide scholarship to children of the less privileged from primary to tertiary institutions.

Public Enlightenment

Enlightenment creation and advocacy on the importance of the institutions of Zakah and Waqf through lectures, symposium, media talks, pamphlets, books, etc.

About Us

Promoting Philanthropy…Empowering People

Zakah and Waqf Foundation Gombe is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization established in the year 2018. It mobilizes resources from zakah payers and other donors who are willing to channel their charities for proper disbursement to the poor in a manner that alleviates their poverty, uplifts their living standards and puts them on the path of socio-economic empowerment.


  • To create awareness about the importance of Zakah and Waqf in the spiritual and socio-economic life of Muslims
  • To serve as veritable platform for collection, administration and disbursement of Zakah and Waqf
  • To mobilize Waqf resources, investment and disburse the proceeds for Da’awah and charitable causes
  • To provide general empowerment schemes for women and the vulnerable
  • To work with relevant bodies in uplifting the poor and the economically misfortune


To be on the lead in empowering the poor and uplifting their standard of living through effective mobilization and management of Zakah and Waqf resources


To be a robust institution that specializes in mobilizing resources from Zakah payers, philanthropists, and Corporate organizations willing to channel their obligatory and voluntary charities for proper distribution to the poor and the socio-economically misfortune

Lets Chenge The World With Humanity

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