Title: Waqf Ambassadors Workshop WAW 2020

Theme: Waqf, entrepreneur and Youth Empowerment

Venue:  Zakah and Waqf Training Room.

Time: 9:00am to 5:00pm daily

Date: 12th and 13th December 2020

Program Partners: IIIT

Total Participants:  About 90

Facilitators:   Ameer A.A Lamido, Dr. Najeeb AA Gambo, Dr. Abubakar Sadiq and Dr. Adamu Tide

Reported by: Research, Training and documentation Unit of ZWF

Amb. Yerima Abduahi presenting his remarks at the forma opening of 2-day workshop as the chairman of the occasion Prof. Saeh Abdu  is seated beside

Executive Summary

A Two(2)day Waqf Ambassador workshop was held at the foundation’s office on 12th and 13th of December 2020.The workshop was intensive and had in attendance 86 young participant of different ages, gender ,and post secondary school qualifications. The participants were exposed to different skills and knowledge around Entrepreneurship ,Waqf Administration &Wealth Creation, Exploring opportunities in different sectors of the economy especially Agriculture ,ICT, and SMEs.The workshop was a collaborative effort between Zakkah and Waqf Foundation,and International Institute of Islamic Thought(IIIT), Nigeria office.


  • To instill waqf consciousness in young muslims especially aspiring entrepreneurs
  • To provide entrepreneurial skills to young muslims
  • To expose business opportunities in our communities that are lucrative and can be easily tapped
  • To instill the habit of volunteerism in our young muslims


  •  Activities in the workshop were not given adequate time
  • Punctuality was quite a challenge in running the program
  • Feedback has taken been properly received
  • The venue was somewhat congested
  • There were no female resource persons
  • The Social media coverage has not been effective
  • The program is more of lecture series than a workshop


  • · The workshop has produced 86 new Waqf Ambassadors
  • Participant were inspired and motivated to start businesses


  • There were challenges with finance because the participant had exceeded the projected number
  • The sessions especially the clinic and syndicate group exercise have not got enough time
  • The venue has not been conducive due to the size of the participants


The program should be converted into Waqf Ambassadors Fellowship, an annual fellowship from that will aim at producing all-rounded young leaders that are equipped with skills and knowledge in areas of Waqf Administration and Wealth Creation, Entrepreneurship, Personal Development & Leadership, Resources Management, Activism, Volunteerism & Civic Engagement, Critical Thinking, and Introduction to Islamic Sciences etc.

The fellowship will be designed in modules (THEMES)with at least 5 seminar like contacts within the year, readings, projects and mentorship. And upon graduation fellows will form part of the alumni community.

  • More time should be allocated to workshop sessions in subsequent programs and should not be saturated with too many activities
  • In subsequent programs a bigger venue should use or the participant be segmented and batched
  • Women should be engaged as resource person since we have an appreciable number of participants that are women.
  • The social media team needs to improve their skills in order to have an effective coverage of subsequent programs.
  • Subsequent programs should designed in a way that participant will have more opportunity to engage and share their insights and ideas.