Title: Waqf Ambassadors Workshop (WAW, 2021)

Theme: Waqf as a viable tool for Youth Empowerment in Nigeria.

Venue: Zakah and Waqf Training Room/ GSU New Multipurpose Hall

Date:  11th December, 2021 and 12th December, 2021

Time: 09:00am-5:30pm daily

Program Sponsor: Zakah and Waqf Foundation

Cross section participants at the 2nd day of Waqf Ambassadors Workshop WAW, 2021

Executive Summary

A Two (2) day Waqf Ambassador workshop was held at the foundation’s office on 11th and 12th of December 2021. The workshop was intensive and had in attendance 75 young participants of different ages, gender, and post secondary school qualifications. The participants were exposed to different skills and knowledge around Entrepreneurship, Nigeria’s Socio-Economic Space, Self reliance and Exploring Untapped Opportunities in Agriculture and ICT. The workshop was a collaborative effort between Zakah and Waqf Foundation, and International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT), Nigeria office.


  1. To introduce the youth to the multiple, multidimensional socio-economic challenges facing Muslims in Nigeria
  2. To help them identify untapped economic/business opportunities and provide them with quick practical skills of tapping those opportunities
  • To create a new generation of youth that are concerned about their self-reliance, financial literacy, financial inclusion and the economic empowerment of the ummah.
  1. To promote waqf literacy among the youth and instill in them the spirit of promoting waqf for socio-economic development



Day one:  Saturday, 11th December,2021

Presentation one was facilitated by Dr. Abubakar Sadiq Usman, Department of Business Administration (GSU).

Topic: Entrepreneurship, youth and self reliance.

Presentation two was facilitated by: Dr. Adamu Tilde on a Topic: “youth and untapped opportunities in agricultural sector”

Presentation three was facilitated by Dr. Usman Ali Abdullahi, HOD, Computer Science (FCET) on a Topic: “youth and untapped potential in ICT sector”

Presentation Four was facilitated by Dr….on a Topic: “Muslim Youth and Nigerias Socio-Economic Space”


Day two: Sunday, 12th December, 2021

Presentation  Five which held at the new Multipurpose Hall, GSU started at about 9:00am and was facilitated by Ameer Abdullahi Abubakar Lamido on a Topic: “Waqf and Socio-economic Empowerment”


Then Followed the Formal closing ceremony and Award of prizes, at GSU new multipurpose hall which started from 11:00am and ends by 1:30pm.

It was Chaired by Prof. Aliyu Usman Elnafaty Vice Chancellor (GSU).

Amb. Yerima Abdullahi Sarkin Bai Gombe served as Special Guest of Honor.

Keynote speech was delieverd Prof. Usman M Shuaibu  Dean, Faculty of Law,BUK on a Topic: Waqf as a Viable Tool for Youths Empowerment in Nigeria. It was attended by many dignitaries and organizations that include: JIBWIS, ITF, SMEDAN, NDE, IIIT, members of the BOT as well as the management members of ZAWFOG. Dr. Abubakar Ali Gombe who is the BOT Chairman, served as the chief Host. Awardees were presented with prizes by the guest presents at the occasion after criteria for selecting the awardees was presented by the Director, Training. The formal closing ends with a group picture with all dignitaries present, members of the management team and the graduated ambassadors.

After lunch break and Prayers, the activities resumed with the last segment of the Training called: Entrepreneurship Clinic, I was Moderated by Malm Nasir Bello Thirmizi  with Four Panelists: that include; Dr. Usman Ali, Ameer AA Lamido and Dr. Aisha Usman Muhammad. It was followed by a syndicate group and feedbacks were presented by representatives of each group. Observation, comments and Questions were attended during the session.

IIIT representative offered the closing prayers followed by distribution of certificates


  • Time allocated to entrepreneurship clinic was inadequate.
  • There was no female presenters


  • The workshop has produced 75 new Waqf Ambassadors
  • Participant were inspired and motivated to start businesses



  • There were challenges with finance
  • There was no proper arrangement/ protocols during the formal closing
  • Inactive participation of committee members
  • Letters of solicitations/invitation were not distributed on time


  • Women should be engaged as resource person since we have an appreciable number of participants that are women.
  • A need to improve on better mechanism in distributing letters
  • Committee members should be encourage to participate fully for any defined program
  • Need to improve in our protocols and high table seats should be labeled to avoid inconveniences
  • Respective units should take charge of its functions during any program

Group picture of graduated ambassadors with guest after the formal closing ceremony