Tree Waqf Week 2022

Tree planting campaign is an annual program which started in 2019 by Zakah and Waqf foundation to create awareness on Tree planting as an act of charity (waqf) and environmental protection. This year’s campaign tagged as the 4th Tree Waqf campaign held between 22nd – 28th July, 2022 at Billiri LGA, Nafada LGA, and some parts of Gombe metropolis. The foundation planted and distributed about 3000 economic and shade-providing trees of different varietis.  The foundation was able to received donations of 1,511 seedlings, and a sum 1,011,5000 Naira.

The Foundation requested a number of Masjeed to include the ‘Importance of Tree Planting as Waqf’ in their Friday Khutbahs/Sermons in order to create a wider awareness to the public on the need, importance and benefits of tree planting. The idea was given great acceptance and the following Masjeed have answered the request and prepared their Friday Sermons on related topics; and delivered it on Friday 22nd July, 2022.

  1. Masjidul Ummah (Dr Aliyu Modibbo Street).
  2. Masjidu Khulafa’ir Rashidin, K/Kumbiya.
  3. Masjidut-Taqwa, New GRA.
  4. Masallacin FTH.
  5. Masallacin Miyetti (dedicated time at the end of the khudba on the topic).
  6. Masjidu Ibadurrahman.

The program which was earlier scheduled on Friday 22nd July was shifted due to rain fall to Saturday 23rd Juy, 2022 held between Magrib  and Isha prayer at Miyetti Jumaat Masjid. The lecture was hosted by the Chief Imam Malam Adamu Muhammad Albany, who introduced the Chairman of 4th Tree Waqf (Malam Ismail Yusuf) and moderated the whole session. Sheikh Muhammad Wali Served as the guest Lecture who discussed extensively on the importance of tree plantation and consequence of deforestation in Islamic perspective. Dr. Dawud Muhammad and Shiekh  Muhammad Ardo discussed the topic.

The lecture was attended by some Management Members of the Foundation,  Waqf ambassadors as well as other dignitaries and prominent Islamic preachers within  Gombe

The Foundation Chairman Malam Abdullahi Abubakar Lamido presented a closing remarks and symbolic distributions of seedlings was followed after Isha prayers.

The Tree Waqf committee sent letter to the Mai Tangle Alh. Danladi Sunusi Maiyamba informing about the annual program which Billiri was selected as Waqf conservation area. Without hesitation, the Mai Tangle directed that the Tree planting should be carried out at Gombe State College of Education, Billiri, Gombe State. Also, the chairman Muslim Ummah Billiri Local Government was contacted for necessary preparation of the program.

Tree Waqf committee conveyed 500 seedlings of different plant species were conveyed to Billiri for planting, and the occasion started at exactly 10:48. The Chairman Muslim Ummah Billiri, gave an opening prayer and he prayed that Allah SWT to guide the foundation and also to have successful program.

The Chairman Zakah and Waqf Foundation Sheik Abdullahi Abubakar Lamido gave a brief history of the foundation establishment and the Annual Tree Planting being conducted by the Foundation and reiterated the reason why Billiri is chosen this year. He also delivered a speech on the Tree Waqf, where he quoted some verses in the Qur’an and Prophetic Hadith on Sadakah Ajjariya with some examples on Tree planting as a charity. He also motivate people to plant at least a tree in one’s lifetime. More so, he called on parent to instill the love and habit of planting and protection tree in their families.

Chairman Fourth Tree Waqf Committee, Mal. Isma’il Yusuf gave lecture on importance of planting a tree in an environment, house hold, within community and farm lands. Many examples on benefit of planting a tree which include; shade provision, source of edible fruit/food source, mitigate drought, as wind breaks and in gully erosion control, provide oxygen/fresh air, as demarcation/fence, as biodiversity and wild life conservation, source of firewood and medicine were cited.

In his remarks, the representative of the Provost COE Billiri, thanks the Zakah and Waqf Foundation and Mai Tangle for finding COE Billiri worthy for the Fourth Tree Waqf, he also assured the Foundation that necessary measures will be taken in ensuring the seedlings are protected till they reach maturity.

Mai Tangle Alh. Danladi Sanusi Maiyamba thanks Allah SWT and express his happiness that Zakah and Waqf Foundation has chosen Billiri for the Tree Planting Waqf. He called upon the Chiefs of Tangale land to orient their people on tree planting. Also, the Mai Tangle call upon the Zakah and Waqf Foundation to look at the possibility of finding bio-friendly alternative to synthetic herbicide, because the synthetic affect the environmental and human health.

Deputy Registrar COE Billiri thanks The Mai Tangle, Zakah and Waqf Foundation and the people that attended Tree Waqf at COE Billiri and wish everyone journey mercy back to their various places.

Different tree seedlings were donated to COE Billiri by the Zakah and Waqf Foundation to plant within it campus. Individuals that attended the program were also given seedlings of different economic importance to plant in their houses.

The Mai Tangle, Alh. Danladi Sanusi Maiyamba planted his seedling, followed the Galadiman Billiri, other chiefs, representative of the Provost, Deputy Registrar, Chairman Zakah and Waqf Foundation and then other individuals.

Furthermore, fruit bearing seedlings were given to the Mai Tangle for panting and establishing his own garden in his place.

Following the scheduled events of this year’s tree waqf week across some selected areas of the state, the Nafada LGA tree waqf campaign was held on 24th July, 2022 for tree planting awareness and distribution of 1,000 variety seedlings of commercial importance and economically friendly.

The campaign team arrived at Nafada LGA around 12pm. The event kick started with an opening prayer by Chief Imãm of Nafada at the Emir’s palace, followed by series of presentations by different important personals. This encompasses an exquisite speech regarding the need for tree waqf activity and essence of the campaign by ZAWFOG Chairman, in person of Mal. Abdullahi Abubakar Lamido.

A welcoming address by education secretary of the local government and excellent presentation by Chairman of tree waqf committee pertaining the need, importance and benefit of tree plantation for our lives, economic growth, environmental protection and as well, an act of gaining reward in abundance.

The royal guest of honor, HRH Alh. Muhammadu Dadum Hamza expressed his delight toward such campaign and further encouraged the crowd about the beauty of tree waqf and orchard garden. He also called upon his community members to be environmentally conscious  in respect to human day to day activities for betterment of their environment. The community members specially thanked the foundation for such wonderful event along with seedlings  distribution.

Closing remark was delivered by the head of Hakimai of Nafada. During the speech, he advised people to emulate the culture and hobby of planting trees anywhere one found himself in other to gain reward in this world and hereafter.

Different variety seedlings were distributed to community members, Hãkimai, group of imãms, school heads, royal members etc. to ensure desirable plantation across the LGA. A number of seedlings were also taken to central mosque and college for legal studies, Nafada. The programme ended around 4pm.

Group photographs were snapped for memory and documentation purposes. Lunch was served followed by prayers. The team returned back to ZAWFOG office safely with tremendous success.

  • The number of 473 variety seedlings were taken from ZAWFOG office to Nafada LGA.
  • 500 seedlings were collected along the way from Bajoga to Nafada LGA.
  • All seedlings were distributed.
  • Following the Juma’at Sermon Deliver by the Chief Imam of Ibadurrahman Jumma’a Mosque New G.R.A Gombe Prof. Rashid Abdulganiy, one Philanthropist donates 300 Seedlings to the committee.
  • Upon Receiving the seedling on Wednesday 27th July, 2022 by some Waqaf Ambassadors, On Thursday by 08:00am management team lead by the foundation chairman in person of Amir Abdullahi Abubakar Lamido, Waqf Ambassadors and members of Hisba Group Gombe Command proceeded to science village Eid Ground for Plantation.
  • Arriving at the venue we met the management Team of the school with the official of the Eid ground and prof. Rashid Waiting for the commencement of the plantation.
  • The plantation start at about 08:45am by the prof. and his son then follow by the management of science village and some individual who later left for their various working places.

Engineer Ibrahim Kawuwa lead the plantation process by using measuring tape and by measuring 3 meters per planting distance each respectively and we planted two different