As a step towards enhancing the performance of its infant cooperative society; Wadata Women Empowerment Cooperative, the Zakah and Waqf Foundation, Gombe, organized a workshop for its Executive Members and the leadership of the Cooperative on the 8th, November, 2020. The workshop was essentially an experience sharing session, where Mal Adamu Gombe took the participants on the workings and operations of an Interest Free Cooperative Society.

Wadata Women Empowerment Cooperative was established in February 2020 as an initiative of ZWF, geared towards the continues empowerment of the beneficiaries of the Foundation’s Women Empowerment Programme (WEP) started in January 2019. So far, of the 88 beneficiaries of the ZWF-WEP, 47 have graduated to the Wadata Cooperative having saved about #30,000 from the profits they generated from the #10,000 seed capital given to them by the Foundation. This total saving is taken as their shares in the cooperative, while they have continued to make monthly savings as members of the cooperative. The general goal is to move them from poverty to prosperity, insha Allah.