Tittle: Waqf Management Training (Module 2)

Program Sponsor: Some Good Samaritan and ZWF official account.

Venue: Conference Room of Zakah and Waqf office Gombe.

Date: 26th January, 2020

Time: 10:00-12:45pm

Total Participants: 20

Reported by: Research, Training and documentation Unit of ZWF


The second module of waqf management training workshop held on the 26th January, 2020 at the conference room of Zakah and waqf office Gombe. It was delivered by the same speaker M. Abdullahi A. Lamido who previously presented the 1st module to 4th set of participants.

Training Goal

The Main objective of the Training on Waqf Management is to review the previous module on the conceptual background of waqf and get updated with the broader perspective of waqf Historical development and contemporary practices.

Workshop Contents:

The following areas on waqf History were covered in the training:

  • Waqf before Islam
  • Waqf during the time of prophet
  • Sahaba and waqf
  • Waqf management in prophetic era
  • Waqf Under the ottomans
  • Waqf after Colonialism
  • Waqf in Nigeria

Training Procedures in brief:

The program started at about 9.15am with the opening prayer, the Head of Research, Training and Documentation (Umar Faruk Ahmad) gave an opening remark followed by presentation of about 2.15 hours.

As part of the culture the Trainer and the trainees, set a guideline to be applicable during the training hours in order to maintain a productive and organized Training program.

The presenter begins with the review of the last module with series of Questions to the participants, however the trainers responded as expected.  The presenter later pointed out major areas to be covered during the day presentation. After the presentation the presentation a brief interactions were carried out.

Facilitation techniques (sheet of papers and a Pen) and a launch were also provide. The program ended at about 12:45pm with a closing prayer

Umar Faruk Ahmad

Head RTD